Robot mom gives birth

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South Korea's birth rate is so low, that medical students have to practice on robot mommies. Enter Noelle, a life-sized birthing robot, complete with "newborn."

As the robot "gives birth," students monitor her vital signs, also checking the newborn by reading a series of flashing indicator lights. If the light is blue, there's problems, if it's pink, the baby is doing just fine. The students practice both normal and complicated deliveries like breech births or Cesareans.

Said student Woon Jin-kwang, "I think it's more helpful to have delivery training on a life-like mannequin than studying with books or lectures before treating my first live patient." I'd hope that every med student has some kind of practical experience before working with a live patient.

The question is, how would you feel if your young doctor walked into the delivery room and said, "This should be fine -- this lady looks just like the robot!"


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