Gwen Stefani on touring pregnant

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I remember reading that Gwen Stefani was going to sing onstage in front of thousands of people for months while pregnant, and I thought she must be certifiably insane. I had suspected she might be a little wacky after I saw an interview with her and a group of Harashuku girls where Gwen told the interviewer to ignore them because they were imaginary. Hmm.

But I still follow her story, because I liked her way back when she was Indie and cutting-edge and released good songs.

Anyway, People has an interesting article
profiling Gwen's confession that pregnancy was not the piece of cake she'd bargained for.

She said about childbirth," "I figured, I'll just squeeze it out, 'cause I'm really strong and I work out and stuff." She was surprised to learn that she struggled while pregnant, sometimes to the point of tears before live shows. I'm pretty sure I'd cry, too, if I had to fit sassy on stage clothes over a burgeoning belly.

Gwen speaks honestly about her relationship with her husband and about her little son's personality. I officially forgive her for any previous wackiness.

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