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One of my dear friends is fairly newly pregnant. Though I've been having strange gusts of baby yearning lately, watching her puts me very firmly back in reality land. She looks tired and sore and looking at her reminds me of how much pregnancy completely takes over every facet of your life, even in the first trimester.

I went to visit her the other day and her Mom was cooking a Scotch egg in the kitchen, the smell of fried batter filled the kitchen and she was murmuring to herself as I kicked off my boots.

"I was craving a Scotch egg," she said,"But I didn't even think of the smell making her nauseous."

Oooh. I went downstairs and asked,"Is the egg making you sick?"

"It's OK,"she replied, but she looked distinctively green.

When I was pregnant the two smells that were most hideous were the bacon-cheese-and-egg sandwiches that my workplace deli was famous for screwing up. The smell emanated through the open-office building and brought me to my knees. The other smell was Herbal Essences Shampoo. To this day, the smell makes me hurl. I have no idea why.

I have heard that red meat, bananas, pineapple, fried food, perfume, and laundry softener can be among the worst offenders. But I have never heard a food that is universally benign to pregnant women. Crackers, perhaps? Mandarin oranges? Did you have a staple in your pregnancy diet that always felt good and right? I'd like to pass on any information the Expert Internet might know.

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