Toys R Us under fire

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I am not a fan of Toys R Us.

Perhaps that's unfair. I'm not a fan of the employees at my local Toys R Us, because of a very rude salesman and his dismissive manager who left me limping, tear stained out of the store with a one-week old baby in tow. I worked as a waitress for almost a decade, so I'm usually a model customer: I know what customer service staff has to deal with on a daily basis and the public can be very trying. But this particular salesman was so awful I wrote a letter to senior management detailing the nature of the incident. I never heard back.

Perhaps karma is on the case, because Toys R Us has found itself in some hot water over a baby sweepstakes.

The parent company of Babies R Us promoted a "First Baby of the Year" sweepstakes, promising to award a $ 25,000 savings bond to the first American baby of 2007.

Little Yuki Lin was born on the stroke of midnight at a downtown New York Hospital, and was slated to be one of the lucky prize winners. However, she was later disqualified because her Mother is not a legal US resident.

The issue has sparked controversy, with Chinese American advocates accusing Toys R Us of "second class treatment." Others say that the prize is for the baby, who is indeed an American citizen. Others note that the contest rules states that contest entrants must be legal American residents, and that Yuki was disqualified and should remain disqualified.

The news clip does not mention the resolution to the dispute, but at this point I think that Toys R Us needs to award all three finalist babies with the prize, and issue an apology to Yuki's family. She's an American baby, and she won the prize.

What do you think?

**Edited to add: news reports now say that Toys R Us has reversed its decision and will be awarding Yuki the $25 000 prize.

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