Croc hunter's daughter a star in her own right

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Bindi Irwin, the 8 year-old daughter of the late Steve Irwin, TV's widely popular "Crocodile Hunter," is about to embark on her own showbiz career. She'll be all over the United States this week, giving speeches and making television appearances.

The ambitious youngster is set to star in the "Bindi, the Jungle Girl" series on the Discovery Kid Network later this year.

Her media blitz includes addressing the National Press Club in Washington, as well as appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and "The Late Show" with David Letterman. Bindi will also be teaming up with The Wiggles for concerts in Los Angeles and New York.

All this, as her father's final documentary, "Ocean's Deadliest" -- the show that he was filming when he died -- airs on TV for the first time. Under the shadow of her father's tragic death, Bindi is a truly brave little girl for following in his footsteps.

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