Martha's wall calendar

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I am not a fan of Martha Stewart, but this idea is an interesting one. She took a section of wall and, using chalkboard paint, created a permanent, reusable wall calendar. With 8" squares, her calendar measures 48 by 56 inches, giving plenty of room for multiple schedules. To create the different squares for the calendar, she used different shades of black and grey made by mixing black and white paint.

Personally, I much prefer dry-erase markers to chalk (to avoid issues with dust and asthma) and this same project could be done with something like this dry erase paint to go in that direction. Either way, this is a neat idea for a family calendar where everyone can see everyone else's schedule. Different colored chalk (or markers) could be used to identify the person involved in an event or even to categorize events -- lessons and classes, concerts and movies, medical appointments, etc.

Do you think something like this would work for you? Or is it more trouble than it's worth? I'd love to hear from anyone who gives this a bash!

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