Tips for getting kids (and the family!) to eat healthy

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As a Mom and someone who tries to avoid hydrogenated foods, I'm sometimes shocked to see what kids are eating these days. Lifelong eating habits start early, so it is best to get those habits to be good ones.

Here's an article on what you can do to get your kids to start eating healthier. First, ask your kids to look for "all the colors" while at the grocery store. Red apples, green broccoli, yellow squash and brown sweet potatoes are a good place to start.

Don't ban all "snack" foods, but do try to keep better-for-you choices on hand. For example, if you are going to keep crackers or cookies on hand, try to get those that don't have the aforementioned hydrogenated oils in them.

When eating at restaurants, try to find places where the children's menu doesn't just offer sugary drinks and junk food.

But my best advice is to keep the food that you want on hand and keep the types you don't out of the house. Start your children with healthy eating habits as soon as possible. Read labels and make informed choices.

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