How long should new mothers stay in hospital?

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A New Zealand mother is angry at having been forced out of the hospital before she was medically ready.

Stefanie Hendra said her post-partum stay in Tauranga Hospital was "brief", but that she and her husband were perplexed when hospital staff wanted to send her home a mere three hours after what she described as a traumatic birth.

Stefanie's midwife stepped in and argued with hospital staff, swaying them into letting Stefanie stay a little longer.

The hospital said that a normal stay after giving birth is anywhere from 6 hours to 5 days. The case has elevated discussion about how long women should stay in a hospital after giving birth. Some argue that the woman should have adequate time to rest and learn from the nurses, others say that a woman would probably be more comfortable at home than in hospital anyway.

I don't know anyone who had a hospital stay for longer than two days. I had a c-section on Friday night and was out of the hospital by Sunday morning, sleeping downstairs at my house because my wound was too raw to hobble up my steep stairs. I hate hospitals, so I was happy to get out of there - but I had my Mom helping me at home. If she weren't with me, I think I would have liked a day or two extra at the hospital to heal.

How about you? How long were you in hospital after giving birth, and would you have preferred more time?


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