Kid filmmakers document their lives for TV

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Twenty kids, ages 7-12, have been documenting their lives for a new Discovery Channel series called My Life As a Child. Acting as producer, director, and cameraperson, the kids spent 4 months videotaping their views on parents, peers and growing up.

Discovery then edited the footage and structured a 6 episode series, creating an "intimacy unequaled on television," according to David Abraham, executive vice president and general manager, TLC.

Amongst the stories the program follows is that of an 8-year-old author, an 11-year-old that's the only girl on the football team, a young man growing up without a father and an African-American child growing up with an adoptive mom who is white.

Of all the TV out there that proclaims to be "speaking to kids," this sounds like a program that might actually capture the kind of honesty you don't normally see when a child's opinions are filtered by adults. It almost makes me want to get cable just so I can watch it.


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