Teaching your teen about stalkers

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When I was 19-years-old, I met a man at a conservative college I attended. It was my birthday and I spoke with him briefly and figured he'd become yet another casual acquaintance.

Unfortunately, he did not feel that way. To put it lightly: He became obsessed and started stalking me.

He was 29-years-old and a soccer player at school on scholarship. He had come to my school from Europe, though he was originally from Africa. He made my life an absolute hell and I was terrified of him and of being alone.

I eventually left that school, though I learned from the administration that he had been in trouble for "unwanted sexual misconduct" with another student, though he was not disciplined.

So when I read that a missing college student from Kansas was a possible victim of stalking, I shuddered. How many innocent people out there are being terrorized by an obsessive person?

It is good to speak with your teen, especially one that might be going to college soon, on how to handle these possible situations. The Anti-stalking Web Site has good tips for those who might be stalked. Check out the Stalking Victims website for more information, including how your stalker can get your information via Google.

Do what you must to teach your teen (or yourself!) to be safe. Don't become a victim to the crime.

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