The terrible two's have struck our home

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For the most part I truly love this mothering gig. Sure the pay is dismal and most of my three clients don't appreciate my efforts, but they love me and most days are extremely rewarding. But I have to draw the line at the terrible two's. How is it that i had forgotten just how terribly long the time between 18 months and three years-old can be? Why is it that these beings are so adorable to look at and yet so difficult?

My son Devon, now 29 months-old, has hit the two's with a fierceness I don't recall with my other two children. He argues. He refuses to eat. He throws tantrums. Thankfully he attends a wonderful preschool three half days per week. I mention this not because I am relieved of his absence, but rather it gives me a chance to observe his teachers interacting with the children in such a patient manner. These observations motivate me to be more level headed with him and enable me to model these behaviors for my older two children. Most days this way of dealing with the terrible two's works. But for those days when it doesn't, I am grateful that Devon goes to bed at 7 p.m. That is the time when I go to the bathroom, have a good cry and hope for a better tomorrow.

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