Can divorce promote addiction in kids?

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One of my favourite TV shows is A&E's Intervention. It's the only TV show I watch religiously. I've always been interested in the circumstance of substance addiction, and now that I have a son the interest is more personal: I want to know if there is any kind of behavior I can exhibit that will prevent Nolan from wanting to experiment.

I'm dubious, to an extent - I think that we create our own paths and our own decisions, and that parental behaviour doesn't necessarily impact their children's adult predisposition to drugs.

Last night, the episode focused on a severely messed-up young woman named Cristy. Her parents divorced when she was 9 years old, and both her Mother and Father thought that their separation was the beginning of Cristy's problems with meth and alcohol abuse.

"No way," I thought,"No way that divorce could single-handedly precipitate substance abuse to that degree."

So I googled a little, and found some interesting reading on the impacts of divorce on children. This article struck me for its synopsis of how divorce impacts kids at various stages in their lives: both immediately and years later.

It is so humbling to realize that every action we take as parent's leaves some sort of impact on our children. I am still not convinced that a parent's divorce can be the solitary factor of eventual drug addiction in their kids. But the show, and the article, do make me think more closely about setting the best possible relationship examples for my kid.

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