Hong Kong stops pregnant women at border

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Here's an interesting story out of China: Officials in Hong Kong plan on not allowing women who are seven months pregnant (or more) through the city's borders unless they can prove they have appointment at a city hospital.

Hong Kong has seen the number of births by mainland Chinese women double, partly because many people want to have residency in Hong Kong, which is required to live in the city. Other women go to Hong Kong to evade China's "one child" policy or for the better conditions in which to give birth.

Officials will stop women at the border and will only allow them in after they prove their appointment. If they can't, they will be turned away. Medical professionals will be on hand to help determine how far along a woman is.

Those mainland Chinese women that do give birth in Hong Kong hospitals will be required to pay double the fees for their hospital stay.

The policy, which some feel is discriminatory against mainland women, will begin in February.

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