How come there's no photos of Britney's new baby?

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While one celebrity mom is selling photos of her kid to the highest bidder, another is hiding hers from the spotlight. Four months after Jayden James Federline -- second son born to the ill-fated Spears-Federline household -- was born, everyone's wondering why there's no pictures of the new baby.

Is it just because she's waiting for the price of exclusive Jayden James pics to go up? Or is it because Britney and K-Fed couldn't agree about who would get the money? (Rumor has it Kevin got all the profits from pictures of the couple's first son, Sean Preston.)

Decidedly odd, seeing as every time Britney is out in public and not falling down drunk, she seems to have Sean Preston with her. According to Brandy Navarre, celebrity blogger, "This is a huge story." While I think that's pretty doubtful, I'll admit it, I'm curious.

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