Jail requires pregnancy test of female inmates

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A Kentucky program aimed at identifying pregnant inmates has some advocates calling foul. The program, which began in September, requires that all convicted female inmates living in the county jail take a pregnancy test.

If the test results in a positive, the women are moved to a certain prison where they will have their medical needs taken care of. According to the state, the reason for this program is to identify pregnant inmates early so they can get the medical help they need.

It also is cost-effective; they were able to buy 5,000 pregnancy tests for $1 a piece, meaning the inmate does not have to be brought to a doctor's office to have the test given.

A member of the ACLU says the program, which is popular with inmates, violates the inmate's privacy and that moving her to a prison away from family and legal counsel is wrong.

What I found interesting was the part of the story that the pregnant inmates have scheduled c-sections but aren't told the date due to the possibility of escape. They are told the night before they are to give birth that the c-section is scheduled.

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