No more tossing your cookies (or candies) in Stanford

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The Stanford, Kentucky city council has voted to ban the practice of throwing candy from moving vehicles in a parade. Candy can still be given out by hand or at booths, however. The problem, apparently, is that kids run out into the street to retrieve the goodies, which, of course, could get them run over by the parade floats. The town holds an annual Christmas parade at night when it could be difficult to see children scrambling on the ground for goodies.

If I had known they gave out candy at parades, I would have gone to more of them. All I've ever heard anyone got at a parade around here are condoms -- and they're too chewy for my taste. Stanford Police Chief Keith Middleton said "Our concern was for the safety of the public," but I think concern for city liability figured in there pretty heavily too. Is this just more Nanny-state nonsense, or does this actually make sense? As I said, I've never been to a parade where candy was given out, so I don't really know if this is an issue. Do they give out candy where you are? Or is it not allowed? Should it be?


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