Uterus transplants now possible?

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Though the hospital warns that they won't happen "anytime in the near future", a New York medical facility is planning to offer America's first uterus transplants to enable women without a womb to bear children.

The treatment will be available to women who have undergone cancer treatment or other medical procedures that have resulted in the removal of her uterus.

The procedure is complex, obviously, but essentially the concept is this: a donated womb would come from a donor and be transplanted in a woman. Then, previously frozen embryos would be transferred through the vagina (normal sexual intercourse as a means of achieving pregnancy is not possible due to infection), and the uterus would be removed after the recipient gives birth, to remove the requirement of anti-rejection drugs.

Doctors warn that the procedure is not "ready for prime time", but that they are close. The surgery was performed once before in Saudi Arabia in 2000 but the womb had to be removed due to a blood clot.

The procedure has already sparked ethical debate and controversy among bioethicists.

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