Family fun on the Wii

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It seems like every time I turn around someone else has fallen in love with their new Nintendo Wii. We're a little behind at my house, having only just broke out the 'ol Nintendo 64 while taking a snow day off work, so maybe it's time we got with the program -- especially considering all the cool family-centric games on the new console.

For instance, Cosmic Family, the new title from Ubisoft, follows a series of "edutainment" games the company released for the PC. In the game, which is set to release mid-2007, young children will find "an interactive tour of Cosmic Family's action-packed rocket." Also included are 15 minigames -- everything from piloting a rocket into space to brushing a monster's teeth.

My daughter would totally be into this. She's just at the age where she reads about, hides from, and makes up stories focused on monsters, and other fantastical things. What about your family? What video games have you found that are good for kids?

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