High School Musical mania, it's alive and out of hand in our home

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Ah, the High School Musical, that sugary sweet story about the difficulties of being the perfect athlete and yearning to be a singer/actor while being in love with a brainy beauty. My daughter has seen the movie a staggering 53 times since I bought it for her last spring. She also owns the album and is anxiously awaiting the release of the sequel.

While I appreciate the fact that this production is squeaky clean in a way that only a Disney production can be, I find the marketing aspect of it to be rather stomach churning. Every time the Disney channel is on, there is some sort of HSM advertisement to keep the frenzy alive and well in the hearts of 'tweens everywhere. The latest ploy is the big brouhaha over the upcoming High School Musical Around the World special to be aired on The Disney channel on Saturday, January 20th. A full day filled with everything High School Musical to celebrate the one year anniversary of the singing sensation. My daughter is already plotting ways in which she can get out of her ski lessons to stay home with her nose glued to the television screen. I can hardly wait....

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