How to keep your house from being overrun by toys

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Over at Parent Hacks, there's an interesting discussion going on about how to keep a child's toys from taking over the house. In case you don't know, if you don't keep toys in check, they will multiply and soon your living room will be overrun by a barrage of blocks, books and dolls.

Trust me, I know.

I was just thinking about this today as I reached my arm under that Great Space of Clutter that is known as "under the couch." I found a ball, a toy truck, a shoe, a bowl and a few pieces of paper.

Sigh. Didn't I just pick that up the other day?

We recently bought some shelves for my 2-year-old's room, which has helped keep her books and drum kit in order. I'm still having troubles keeping everything organized. We don't have any extra space in our house, so a playroom is out.

What do you do to keep things in order? I'm always going through toys and giving the unused things away, so that tip is out. Any help? I'd like to find my floor before 2008.

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