State courts differ on rights of lesbian moms

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Two lesbian former partners are battling out child custody in court after their civil union failed.

The two women were partners and conceived baby Isabella through artificial insemination after their 2002 civil union. The birth mother, Lisa, announced the next year that she was no longer a lesbian. She then moved from Vermont to Virginia with Isabella.

Only problem? Virginia does not recognize civil unions. Vermont said that Janet, who was the non-bio mom, should have visitation rights. Virginia said "no" and gave Lisa sole custody.

Janet now has to pay $240 a month in child support.

It is a sad day when a parent fights and denies the other parent visitation rights. Hopefully, Lisa will realize that Isabella, who is now four, will benefit from having contact with both her parents.

Of course, I don't know the entire situation and background between the couple, but I would think that Lisa, a former lesbian, would understand the steep battle Janet will have to fight for equal rights to her daughter and would have compassion.

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