Teens spend snow day playing on icey highway

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I grew up in Cleveland, where it snowed. Every winter. A lot. Every year you could more or less count on at least two or three weeks of really good sledding weather. But for kids in Central Texas, where I live now, snow days come once in a lifetime -- and even then, the stuff doesn't stick nearly well enough for sledding, snowballs, or otherwise.

According to a local TV news report though, this hasn't stopped a few inventive teens in the area from getting out and making the best of the weather. Pat Van Cura, 16, and his 19 year-old brother, Bryan, have been skidding around on a local highway -- one using a four wheeler to pull the other across the ice on a Tupperware lid.

The roads don't get salted here, so the ice sticks around as long as the temps stay below freezing. This has caused authorities to close major overpasses and stretches of highway. The roads that are open see so little traffic that the kids are probably safe. Plus, it looked like fun.

Have you and your family been finding ways to enjoy the weather?

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