Colbert Report making fun of parents?

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In a couple weeks, I'm leaving my 8 to 5 to work from home and look after my daughter. I figured we'd get a little bored of each other after awhile, so I joined a local Stay at Home Dads Yahoo group. After a couple never-ending email threads, I learned these dudes recently had something to do with The Colbert Report, a comedy news program in the same vein as The Daily Show.

Then I came across this post on Gawker, which published an email received by "brooklynbabyhui," a similar Yahoo group for parents in Williamsburg, NY. Gawker posted the entire email from The Colbert Report producers, but my favorite part is: "Just to be clear -- we do not need any of these mothers to be "funny"--basically we're just hoping to briefly film a 'normal' group meeting."

Yeah right.

However they decide to make these parents look ridiculous and/or lame, I'm sure it'll be hysterical. Let's hope everyone has a sense of humor.

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