Jennifer Aniston reportedly ready to adopt

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According to the rumormongers, Jennifer Aniston has been expressing an interest in adopting a child for some time (taking a page from the book of the woman who stole her Bradley away) and now that's she's split from boyfriend Vince Vaughn, she has reportedly instructed her lawyers to get her a child, or at least approach several different adoption agencies in Los Angeles on her behalf.

Sources have told a British publication that, "Jen has thrown herself into adopting and wants it to happen straight away. She toyed with the idea while she was with Vince but began looking in December after they split."

Another source told the National Enquirer magazine: "Jennifer says that when her year-and-a-half affair with Vince ended, she started rethinking her priorities. She's 37, and adopting a child would be a way to put some roots down without feeling desperate about the future. She says she'd love to have a son -- that's what she's feeling in her heart."

Unlike other recent celebrity adoptive parents, Aniston is reportedly not looking to adopt a child from another country.

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