The process of applying for high school, it's no picnic

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There are a some aspects of motherhood that I often overlook or am completely surprised to encounter. One of those is the current effort to find an appropriate high school for my son, Loren. He attends a Waldorf school that only runs through the 8Th grade, so the step to locate a worthy high school consumes much of our, that is my, time right now.

So far we have visited two schools, researched an additional two and have another two to view. I also spend most of my conversational efforts inquiring to my friends and acquaintances if they know anything at all about the various schools in our area. In addition there are the lengthy applications, the financial aid forms, studying for the SSAT's and prepping for interviews. Although I remember my parents doing the same for my brother and me, this whole process is surprisingly wearing.

There will come a time, somewhere near the end of March, when the applications will all be turned in, the tests will have been taken, the fees paid, and we will receive our letters. Then I will relax and prepare for the upcoming high school years. Until then, I have to go tackle the mountain of application information.

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