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An update email from one of my best friends popped up in my gmail today. She's on a ship near Australia, helping to save the whales, a mission dear to her heart.

"I'm so proud of you, Shannon," I typed, but my heart lay writhing in filthy envy somewhere near my ankles.

Two minutes later, another email appeared, this time from my friend Mel who is in Uganda helping orphaned children.

Two things:
a) I have pretty amazing friends and
b) I am itchy, itchy, itchy to start traveling again.

Before Nolan, traveling was one of my biggest passions: I devoted my holidays to visiting two new countries every year.

Obviously, Nolan is my world now, and staying in the frozen tundra for a season or two is a tiny sacrifice to make for the purity of love he's shown to me. But still. I want to see Lithuania, India, Kenya. And really, I want Nolan to see them too. I'd love him to understand the greater world, to understand that we live in immense and sometimes embarrassing privilege compared to the rest of the world. I want him to develop compassion and understanding through first hand experience.

So the question is, when? A lot of people told me to do it while he was a baby, but with all the gear and the erratic sleeping and, no. And now, I know I'm not going anywhere during the toddler stage, because it cannot get any more chaotic than this. But I do intend to continue to travel (albeit not as often) and I wonder when the best time is. How about 4 years old? Potty training is complete. They can listen and understand, right? Angelina Jolie did it with Maddox, right? Well, she and 17 handlers, I'm sure.

Have you traveled internationally with your kids? What do you think is the best age to try?

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