N.C. panel recommends legislation to foster communication between adopted kids and birthparents

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Interesting story out of Raleigh, North Carolina where a state panel is recommending that laws be passed to set up extended rules for birthparents or other relatives to stay in touch with children after adoption.

A law already on the books law says that once an adoption has been completed, all relations between a child and biological relatives are cut. There are concerns that if a new law is passed to allow for communication between the parties from birth, older children who have already been brought up by a family may find it difficult to deal with if their biological family attemtps to form a relationship with them.

It's a sticky situation, but if a child is placed for adoption, the biological parent(s) must be made fully aware that there is no guarantee that there will be any future communication between them. Adoptive parents should not be put in the difficult position of balancing the needs of their child AND the biological parents at the same time. The child comes always comes first.

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