Defining "image" of 80's was man and baby poster

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When I think of iconic posters of the 1980's, I think of Farrah Fawcett in a bikini, smiling coyly through long locks of springy blonde curls.

But there was another famous 80's poster that is being called "the defining poster of the 1980's." And, ah, yes. I definitely remember this poster, and falling heavily in love with the chiseled mystery man who held an infant so gingerly on his lap.

The poster, called "Man and Baby" sold more than five million copies in its heyday and last week - twenty one years after it's release, a print of the image went for 2400 British pounds.

A curating director at the University of London explains the popularity of the image: ""It's not just 'phwoar', it's a much deeper rooted fantasy. It says 'I want this man and I want babies'. It's a complex fantasy that combines sexuality and a nurturing desire - but one wouldn't normally mean to be so public about it."

The article talks about a few more poster icons and why they impacted us so much - very interesting indeed.

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