Ridiculous nursery gadgets

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Nolan doesn't have a ton of toys. He's got a truck, circa 1982, that he likes to hop on in order to crash it into the poor, beleaguered dog. But other than books and some little gadgets he got for Christmas, he is mostly just as happy to play with a Tupperware container as a glossy fire truck. I will buy him toys when he is old enough to appreciate and play with them, but for now, the truck is good enough.

But there is a tremendous market for useless baby stuff, as this article points out.

The Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association, which sells stuff from "prenatal to preschool" reported $ 7.3 billion in retail sales in 2005. Seven. Point. Three. Billion. Some of the stuff, of course, had to have been useful - but some of the products, such as baby wipe warmers, are just plain absurd.

The article also lists "peepee teepees" (go look if you must) and bottle warmers as other examples of ridiculous baby gadgetry. Personally, I think the cup holders in strollers are a little insane. Perhaps I just navigate particularly bumpy pathways, but my juice would inevitable spill from the holder everytime I walked Nolan.

It's funny, though, no matter how useless the product, it seems there is always a certain market for it.

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