The nightmares of fund raising

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Every year a handful of kids knock on our door asking if we will buy everything from wrapping paper to magazine subscriptions. I always cringe when I see them coming, but I always buy something because I figure going door to door must be pretty hard for a kid.

My children's schools have a strict no soliciting rule, but they still do the occasional fund raising effort. These usually involve parents buying large amounts of stuff to give to friends as gifts. Essentially it adds up to forcing the parents to buy things ranging from imported salmon to flower bulbs. The other angle involves large, fancy parties with silent auctions. Either way, I often wish the school would just approach the parents and say, "We need you to donate a certain amount of money by a certain date." It seems to me that this would be more honest.

Am I the only one who feels this way? How do your children raise money for their schools?

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