There are some fights I just don't battle

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By the time I had three children there were a few things that I decided I would not battle with my children. Sure I would ensure that they had healthy meals, that they got read to at bedtime. But the hair? Nuh-huh. That fight is long gone. I make sure my kids bathe everyday and that they wash their hair; but if they choose not to brush it, that just isn't my problem.

This issue evolved when my daughter, Cassidy, was still a toddler. She loved to bathe, would even allow me to wash her hair, but absolutely NO brushing. I got tired of the fighting and, after time, decided that a happy, messy haired girl was better than a miserable, groomed one.

Some people have a hard time with this one, especially the grandmothers. Cassidy's paternal grandmother will plead with her and even take her to a salon for a styling, but more often than not, Cassidy has a head of red hair that sticks straight up to the heavens. Once I let go of the vision of beautifully groomed kids and accepted my mop haired trio, life got much smoother. I figure that at some point societal demands will get to them and they will reach for that brush. Until then, you'll always recognize us, we're the ones with our hair sticking straight up.

What about you? Is there a battle you just don't fight, even if it raises an eyebrow or two?

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