A soccer team for refugee children

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The game of soccer has caused quite a stir in one Georgia town; so much that the mayor decided that the game wasn't allowed in the town park. According to him, it was made for "football and baseball," but not soccer.

Why? Much of it has to do with the children playing the game. Many are refugees from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan, children who are in the country legally. Some estimate that about half of the town's residents are from other countries, a fact that doesn't sit well with some town residents.

Enter the Fugees, an all-refugee team coached by two women. Banned from the town park, they practice across town in a dusty field. Their coaches have a tight reign on the team, hoping to help the children and their families in more ways than just soccer. The coach, who is from Jordan and is awaiting a green card, helps families with paperwork since she is fluent in Arabic and conversational in French.

Though she has tried to keep their history off the field, she has learned the truth about their pasts. According to the coach, she now has a family of 120, which takes about 40 to 60 hours per week to take care of. While some people have gone out of their way to help, including donating soccer cleats, others have shouted racial slurs at the children during games.

The story is really inspiring and an interesting look into the lives of these children who have fled terrible pasts, only to come to America and find discrimination. Hopefully, their coach can continue to help with their lives and make a difference.

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