Man repays debt for ice cream he stole -- 35 years ago

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Thirty-five years ago, someone stole some ice cream from the Lincoln Middle School cafeteria in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The culprits were never caught and, to this day, remain unknown. And yet, the debt has been repaid. Feeling guilty for all these years, one of the two friends who absconded with the illicit dessert returned to the scene of the crime. This time, instead of taking ice cream, he brought it.

An unknown alumnus treated current students at the high school to an ice cream party to atone for his sin. Vice Principal Jacque Durnford joked that the statute of limitations for the crime has past, but staff members at the school appreciated his efforts nonetheless. While it would have been far better not to swipe the ice cream in the first place, kudos to the man for making things right.

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