Solutions for the cramped family bed

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I am always keen to discover what people do to transition children out of the family bed. Since I have recently shed the oldest member of our family bed, I am looking around for ideas to get the last nestling out of the nest. Kimberly, at Sanity and the Solo Mom, has a novel idea of how to extract that extra body from the bed. It is none other than a lovely product from the people at IKEA.

This cool loft bed would be the dream of many a child. No, it is not for a toddler or a super active sleeper. But for the right child, this bed would definitely entice them out of the family nest. The loft bed leaves ample amounts of play space for a child accustomed to a room void of a bed and it offers a super cool environment in which to hang out.

I might have to introduce this sleeping arrangement to my last co-sleeper, she might just jump at the chance to sleep in something so fabulous.

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