Happy birthday to my baby boy!

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A year ago today, I was in the hospital, in labor with my second child. It came as quite a shock to me because he was two weeks early and, honestly, I expected to go late like I did with my first.

While his labor was actually longer than the labor with my first child (so much for that tidbit someone told me about them being shorter!) it was, overall, a much better experience. Heck, in fact, he managed to get his own "welcome" to the Internet via Blogging Baby!

In this past year, I have watched him go from a limp little baby with thin legs to one big, wiggly, chubby, happy baby boy. He is such a joy to be around to all of us, even though it is obvious he has his big sister's stubborn gene. He is such a vital and wonderful part to our family; I can't imagine things without him.

I can't wait to see what the next year holds. Happy birthday, Sam!

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