Pregnant woman really wants Super Bowl tickets

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The Super Bowl. It is up there on my list of over-hyped things, such as New Years Eve. Every year, people make a big deal about the game and the commercials and, with the exemption of Janet Jackson, it is just another football game.

One pregnant woman really wants to go to the big game. She's so desperate for tickets that she is offering advertising space on her belly in exchange for two tickets, which have a going rate up to $5,000. According to the linked article, the woman is nine months pregnant, which I have a hard time believing.

First thing: They say she has booked a flight from Chicago to Florida. Hey, good luck getting on that plane with the hopes of seeing a football game. Many airlines have rules regarding heavily pregnant women flying. Also, did her doctor really say this is okay? Many doctors I've had stress not traveling during those final few weeks unless it is really necessary.

So far, she says she has received 45 inquiries. Hopefully, if she really is that far along, she won't go into labor before the big day.

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