Hospital: No money, no baby

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A clinic near Jakarta, Indonesia is refusing to release a baby to his parents until they can pay their bill. It seems that Mr. Sustrino, a poor pedicab driver simply doesn't have the 3.5 million rupiah (about $386US) that he owes the clinic for the birth. He has managed to raise 1.3 million rupiah by borrowing from friends, but, he says, "I don't know where I'll get another 2.2 million rupiah from."

According to clinic spokesman Fendi Sihombing, "We'll take care of the baby and will return him to his parents as soon as they've paid the 3.5 million rupiah in full." The parents, he adds, initially agreed to the arrangement -- "We didn't take the baby hostage." It seems to me these are a couple of really sharp parents -- they're just waiting for the kid to get past the terrible twos.

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