Tees for your lifelong Valentine

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I am normally a Valentine's Day grinch. I hate the forced, overpriced roses, the exclusion of the occasion, the needless misery it causes the lonely to the sole benefit of tacky chain stores with shiny heart cards.

But I received a Valentine in the mail today that melted my heart, completely and totally. It came unprovoked and totally unexpectedly from Denise, one of my long-time friends-inside-the Internet. It came with a little note that said "For your favorite Valentine -- he'll always love you". At least, I think it said that before my eyes welled up with tears and smeared the ink everywhere. Because, yeah. I have this little being who will hopefully be in this wild ride of life with me for the next fifty years and he will be my sweet-smelling Valentine even when he is grimy and obstinate and even when I am stubborn and difficult.

After I composed myself and unfolded the gift inside, I almost died at the cuteness. Have you seen the Gap Valentine's shirts for kids? Oh. My. Overload of sweetness.

Nolan's cream-and-red t-shirt proclaims that he "enjoys ice cream, insightful cartoons, and long walks in the playground." I have the feeling I will enjoy him wearing it, very much.

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