Tyra Banks concerned for young girls as she is blasted about her weight

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Tyra Banks is undeniably one of the most beautiful women in the public eye. She is outspoken, intelligent, a business woman, a role model for young girls, a voice for young females. But critics are calling her names because of her weight gain since she first debuted on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997. She is concerned what this criticism will mean to her young female fans.

When Banks first hit magazine covers, she was 5'10" and weighed just 131 pounds. Now at the same height she is a curvier, and likely healthier, 161 pounds. For any young girl to look at a healthy role model, rather than one whose bones poke through her skin as she starves, and aspire to be like her is a good thing. Banks made it big in an industry that is fixated on superficial beauty, but she has taken her career in a deeper and meaningful direction.

If my daughter came to me and expressed her admiration for Banks, not only would it please me but I would be more than happy to sit down with her and discuss Banks' accomplishments. I would not be so inclined to do so if she were enamored of Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie. To mock Tyra Banks for her weight gain is not only insensitive, but it is an injustice to young girls. What do you think?

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