Melissa Summers on Today Show

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A little while back I told you that Melissa Summers -former Blogging Baby blogger and writer of the awesome Suburban Bliss - was going to appear on the Today Show to talk about the controversial subject of Playdates and Cocktails.

I wrote it in my daytimer, which got covered in banana-strawberry juice by an inept sippy cup, and I totally forgot that it was on yesterday.

But, thank Pete for Internet videos, and for Melissa posting the link to the broadcast on her site.

If you missed the Today Show yesterday, here's the link to the video. What strikes me about it is Melissa's poise and eloquence in what must have been a completely nerve-wracking situation. Melissa has always been self-deprecating about her social graces, and so I was kind of watching with half-closed eyes, expecting twitching and general awkwardness, but she came off flawlessly.

I am proud to have her representing the half of the blogosphere that thinks a glass of wine here and there doesn't hurt our parenting skills.

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