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Most of the comments I receive at Blogging Baby happen on the newest posts, but occasionally I'll get a comment in my inbox on a post I wrote weeks or months back.

This morning I opened a comment written on a post I'd written in early January about new Down's Syndrome testing recommendations for pregnant women. And the comment has stayed with me all day.

I wasn't quite sure what do do with it, so I'm bringing it to your attention. There must be some of you out there with experience that might help Kaley.

You can read Kaley's entire comment here, but the gist is this: Kaley is only twenty years old, and pregnant with her second baby. A routine ultrasound at 17 weeks showed that her baby had some worrisome characteristics. She was sent to a high-risk doctor, and told that her chances of Down Syndrome or another genetic birth defect was 1 9 based on her results. Everything about her baby was in "normal" range, but the concerns were great enough about some apparent discrepancies ("bright" bowel, something funny about the heart) that genetic testing was recommended.

Kaley wouldn't have an abortion, so any further testing would be for her own preparedness, but obviously, she is very concerned and asks Blogging Baby readers to share their thoughts on what they might do.

Honestly, I wouldn't know. I am interested to know if anyone has words of wisdom or experiences for Kaley.

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