UNC sends acceptance letter to wrong students

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Ahh, college admissions time. For many high school seniors, now's the time to worry about whether or not your favorite school decided to accept you. For about 2,700 students, now is the time to say "what?"

The University of North Carolina made a big booboo recently when they accidentally sent out emails to 2,700 students that congratulated them on their acceptance to the school. Only thing? The kids weren't really accepted.

The email was meant to be sent to request mid-year grades to students that have already been accepted. Those who have not yet been accepted won't find out their fate until mid-March.

Follow-up emails were sent to explain the error, though there's no way an "I'm sorry" can deal with the stress put out by the snafu. UNC gets about 20,000 applications per year for about 3,800 spots.

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