Details you might want to share with child care providers

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When I work at a local drop-in nursery during the winter months, I am always amazed at what the parents don't tell us when they drop off their kids. Sure, we always inquire about any dietary needs or allergies, but that covers a fairly limited territory when it comes to comprehensive care.

The other day I went to change a five month-old baby and found quite a surprise lurking in his pants. When I loosened his diaper, I came face to ace with what appeared to be man sized testicles. To say it was shocking would be an understatement. After a moment of breathless horror that maybe something was seriously wrong and we needed to call 9-1-1, I summoned one of my fellow workers over to the changing table. She too was speechless. We then showed our supervisor who informed us that she had seen his condition before.

Turns out the baby has hydrocele, condition that usually goes away but sometimes needs to be surgically repaired. Other than proper cleaning during changing time, it was not anything that we had to worry about as far the baby's routine was concerned. When the mother came at the end of the day she asked if we were surprised when changing her son, and apologizing that it had slipped her mind. We all had a good laugh, but it would have been nice to know before we had such a shock.

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