Is there an Ex Etiquette?

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I learned long ago that when a girlfriend is complaining about her lousy boyfriend or husband that it is a bad idea to chime in and agree with her about what a rat he is. Inevitably they will reunite and she will remember any harsh words about the love of her life, regardless of the fact that the honest comments might be applicable.

Recently I have found myself smack in the middle of angry moms who have been burned a time too many by their ex-husbands. As they rant and rave about their former mates I always wonder what my role is. Am I to chime in and and agree about what a louse he is/was/always will be? Should I play the devil's advocate? Or is my best option to just sit and listen to the tirade? After all, my ear is free where as the lawyers' ears are not.

So I am left wondering, is there an Ex Etiquette? Do we still abide by the No Insult Rule after the possessions have been split and the decrees have been signed?

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