The art of test prepping

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For a great number of eighth grade students across the country, the SSAT and similar such tests are a part of the high school admissions process. Most students have been exposed to standardized tests during their academic careers, but the SSAT elevates test taking to the next level. Much rides on the results of these tests, causing quite a bit of anxiety to surround them.

This Saturday my thirteen year-old, Loren, will take his first SSAT. Unlike a majority of the kids in his age group he has never before taken a standardized test. He attends a Waldorf school where there is no such thing as a multiple choice test. In an effort to overcome this obstacle, he has spent time with a tutor and a test booklet to help him prepare for this endeavor. He and a number of classmates have been attending tutoring sessions where they cover everything from test format to the psychological preparation that they will begin they night before the test.

On Friday afternoon Loren will begin preparing for this all important test which will take place bright and early on Saturday morning. Much in keeping with the tips from this article, my son will spend a quiet Friday night at home, eat a healthy dinner, get a good night of sleep. Then the morning of the test he will get up early, eat a healthy breakfast, spend about 30 minutes exercising followed by some quiet time where he will "see and be" the test, After that we will get in the car so that we can arrive early enough for him to spend a few more minutes of quiet time for some last minute focusing. Will it all work? I don't know, but I am glad to see him embracing the effort. That's gotta be worth something right there.

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