Remembering Valentine's Day preparations

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One of my favorite memories from elementary school is the Valentine's Day boxes we would construct in preparation of the annual Valentine's Day card deliveries from our classmates. There was something so exciting about it for me, knowing that each and every one of my classmates would be depositing a small bit of their friendship into my mailbox.

More often than not, I used an old shoebox for my cards. But sometimes our teachers would mix it up a bit and request empty Kleenex boxes or plastic milk containers for the project. I think my all time favorite was the year we covered balloons in papier machet, popped the balloons and then cut small slots for the cards.

While trolling about on the Internet, I recently found this box made from wooden craft sticks. As shown, it is described as a jewelry box, but with a few alterations it could easily be used as a card delivery box. I like this idea, it would make for a great afternoon craft idea. What do you use for Valentine's boxes? Anything out of the ordinary?


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