When the Ten Commandments take root

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Both of my older children have attended a weekly religious education class since they were in Kindergarten. For the most part the classes take a fun but serious approach to learning about the Catholic religion. It must be working because there is a minimal amount of complaining from either one. Loren, at age 13, is not as enthusiastic about the class as he was when he was younger, but Cassidy tends to get hold of a concept or lesson and spread it as loudly and as often as she can.

Recently Cassidy's class covered the Ten Commandments. She came home with a giant poster board that had rock shapes bearing the Ten Big Ones. She carried it to the dinner table, to the bathroom and for about two weeks it traveled to bed with her. When her brother would take the Lord's name in vain, she would raise her sign and say, "Ahem, excuuuuuuse me, but you have violated number..." When her brother would not heed my words, she would again pipe up and inform just which commandment he had broken. Of course the sign came in quite handy when I was able to point out her inability to honor my words.

Sometime in the last week Cass' sign has gone missing; I suspect that Loren has something to do with its disappearance. Though I can't say that I miss the sign's presence during meals, I do think having a fairly strong understanding of the commandments has added to Cassidy's grasp of right and wrong.

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