Urban Catholic schools facing a decline

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Growing up, I remember hearing my own mother's stories of attending Catholic school. The uniforms, the Nuns...it was all apart of her educational life.

Many urban children these days aren't attending Catholic schools, and enrollment is dropping. Reasons for the drop in enrollment varies, but part of them are declining birth rates, moves from urban areas to suburbs and rising tuition.

In 1970,. the Archdiocese of Boston had 211 elementary schools in 1970; the number is 103 today.

Sadly, the problem is that when enrollment numbers drop, the cost per student goes up and so does tuition. Honestlly, I can't think of anyone I know that attends or sends their children to Catholic schools. Most of the children I know who attend private school attend secular ones.

Basically, they need to be more competitive with public or other private schools, which might be hard considering the monetary issues. Are Catholic schools dying in your area? What do you think they could do to revamp their system?

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