Life with just one child, it seems so peaceful

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Friday night my two younger children were with their father for the weekend. My oldest, Loren, spent the night with me in an effort to find some peace and quiet in the hours before he took the SSAT test on Saturday. We had dinner, had a real conversation and then watched a DVD together. There was no arguing over who got which space on the couch. There were no tantrums. We spent the night in perfect harmony.

The peaceful exchange got me to wondering just what life would be like with only one child. Would it always be such a tranquil existence? Is the lack of stress why my friends with one child always seem more at peace with the universe? If I just had one child, would I be thinner, have fewer wrinkles, think deeper thoughts, do better things with my life?

No. Not too likely, but a change in schedule always makes the grass look greener on the other side. I love my kids and the crazed existence we lead. But I might have to send two of them away more often so that the other one and I can experience the peace together.

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