The child-free weekends of divorced life

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Recently I was sitting around chatting with a few other mothers while our older sons played. One of the moms looked at me and said with complete honesty, "Man, you're so lucky to be divorced! What do you do with all that free time you get to yourself when the kids are with their dad?" She then went on to tell me about her various divorced friends and all of the wonderful things they do on their weekends off duty.

Hmmm. I had to pause for a moment while I chewed on the thought before I replied, "Well, I guess that could be a description for my single state. But truth be told, by the time my weekend comes I am pretty beat. I usually spend most of it just trying to catch my breath before they come home again."

I guess I probably could do some fairly fabulous things with my 48 hours of child-free time. And maybe someday when I get more into the groove of being single, I will venture out of the house more. But for right now, I enjoy my Saturday nap and my extra time to sleep in on Sunday before I begin laundry, grocery shopping and the week ly planning. It's not the glamorous existence my friend seems to think it is, but that nap is pretty golden.

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